Managing Emotions

How mindfulness affects the brain 


Experts use mindfulness techniques all over the world to help teach people to manage their emotions in a positive way, including psychologists and medical researchers. The University of Oxford even has its own dedicated Mindfulness Centre, which continues to research the effects and development of mindfulness techniques.


Teaching mindfulness techniques to children can help them become more aware of their feelings and emotions and teaches them positive ways of addressing and responding to those emotions.


These techniques can include breathing exercises, muscle relaxations, affirmations, positive affirmations, and meditation or visualisation. Relax Kids uses all of these techniques throughout the entire product range and in Relax Kids Classes to help children learn how to deal positively with emotions like anger, worry, stress and low self-esteem.


If you would like your children to learn mindfulness techniques, but don’t know where to start, the Relax Kids ME range introduces children to mindfulness in a fun, simple and way through audio visualisation. 


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